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West Midlands

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Personal Injury Claims

Over the years our consultants at Heath Lane Consulting Rooms have compiled numerous medical reports for people who have had road traffic accidents, falls, industrial accidents etc...


These accidents can  present a multitude of different injuries and here at Heath Lane Consulting Rooms we have Consultants with varied specializations  who can report on these.


The examination addresses the cause and effect and puts forward a prognosis and any recommendations for further treatment or investigations needed prior to further treatment.


Some of these investigations recommended in the report, such as MRI scans, X-Ray scans and nerve conduction studies can be ordered by the consultant once permission has been given by the instruction party.


Rooms Are Available For Rent

The rooms are also available for rent to General Practitioner's who conduct examinations for medico-legal reports and need facilities to do this.


We have a receptionist to greet your patients and a chaperone is available on request.



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